On behalf of the  National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees Western Pacific Region (NBCFAEWP), I welcome you to our website. NBCFAEWP.org is one of our many platforms that we use for communicating with you. Please see us on FACEBOOK (NBCFAE WP), Twitter (@nbcfae_wp), and GoogleGroups (NBCFAEINFOWESTPAC) as well.

Our Goals Are:

  • Establishing a regional and national communication network.
  • Developing a regional and national voice for Black, female and minority FAA employees.
  • Educating members concerning rights, personnel and promotional qualifications.
  • Monitoring Black, female and minority trainees.
  • Assisting in recruiting Black, female and minority individuals for FAA positions.
  • Establishing a national directory for members.
  • Promoting professionalism in our work and striving for excellence in the performance of our duties.

To all of you- I am pleased that you are here. If you’re not a member, please consider joining us. We could use your help to further the important work being done by the NBCFAE. Feel free to contact to us.  Again, welcome! 

In Unity,

James Swanson Jr.,

Western-Pacific Region President