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From The Regional President

Connecting Our Diverse Global Community Through Aviation

quentin d. miles, western pacific regional president

I am honored to work in a profession alongside other talented men and women who provide aviation services to our diverse global community. Everyday, travelers from across the globe board airplanes to connect with family, friends, clients, and adventure. And it is aviation leading the way in connecting the various social, business, and governmental communities in a global context – realizing diversity in motion.

Diversity defines our world, explains our global community, and enriches our lives. Aviation gives us access to the sky, transports us through time and place, and connects our diverse global community to those people and places most important. Aviation employees provide the services that ensure aviation remains safe, efficient, and enjoyable.

For the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees (NBCFAE) Western Pacific Region, we are committed to providing aviation related services at the highest level which promotes, protects, and benefits the domestic and international public, private, and aviation community we serve everyday. From general aviation to commercial aviation, from military flights to space flights, and from innovation and technology land-based, satellite based, or in/on an aircraft, the work we do in our diverse aviation related specialties whether in direct or support activities equally contributes to and ensures the safety, sustainability, security, and success of our nation's aviation industry and airspace system.

The power of aviation to connect our diverse global community remains at the forefront when compared to all other modes of transportation. A family from New York arrives hours later in Los Angeles for a family reunion; a businesswoman from Hong Kong arrives hours later in San Francisco for a business meeting; a global traveler departs Seattle, Washington and arrives hours later in Seoul, South Korea.

The ability of aviation to allow aviation enthusiasts to soar through the sky and experience the joy of flying and see the inherent diversity of the landscape, the towns and cities, and the individuals who make up our diverse communities.

In short, aviation connects people and their cultures - as such NBCFAE is honored to equally contribute to connecting our diverse global community through our daily work in the field of aviation.

Travel safe!

Quentin D. Miles
Regional President
NBCFAE Western Pacific

Important Announcements

2015 National Training Conference! August 24-28, 2015

In a continuing effort to enhance the Federal Aviation Administration’s organizational performance and our members’ individual performance the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees (NBCFAE) has partnered with FAA and sponsors to offer training sessions designed to help participants identify, analyze, and build competencies for successful career development.


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