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NBCFAE Purpose


The purpose of the FAA National Employee Forum is to be an active and integral partner with senior management as a voice for equality, and to serve as a catalyst for change with regard to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Action (AA), diversity, and personnel management issues in support of the Agency’s Mission, Strategic Initiatives, and Equal Employment Opportunity Program – FAA Order 1400.8.First, the National Employee Forum Members are:

FAA Administrator
FAA Deputy Administrator
FAA Assistant Administrator for Civil Rights and FAA Diversity Advocate
FAA Assistant Administrator for Human Resource Management
National Presidents of the FAA Employee Associations
National Special Emphasis Program Managers

Second, the Forum holds and agrees to the following values:

Diversity – Differences are not just accepted but celebrated so that all feel welcome and included.
Integrity – Honesty, transparency, and the highest ethical standards are inherent in all that the Forum does.
Teamwork – Collaboration and open communication are practiced by all.
Achievement/Accomplishment – Goals and objectives are set, measured, and recognized regularly so that the Forum is accountable to its constituencies, employees, and the Agency.

Please share as we let everyone know that the NBCFAE Western Pacific is focused on being a “voice for equality” and a “catalyst for change” for each and every employee all ways.

Thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter. And thanks for all you do every day in making this Agency safe and efficient.

“Our Standard Is Equality”

Quentin D. Miles
Regional President
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